Mango Sapphire


This is an amazing hybrid with a perfect balance between Sativa and Indica. BCN Critical XXL are famous for there extremely potent high (23%+ THC)

The buds are bigger than usual with a sticky frosty coating and an aromatic smell, with hints of citrus. Its flavour is characterised by a pleasant lemon tone that gives a freshness to each puff. Its citrus aroma makes it the perfect combination to make BCN Critical XXL one of the most desired strains today.

With a THC level of 23% its effects are science fiction, you’ll feel like you’re the protagonist of “Ready Player One”, your mind will leave your body, while it’s absolutely prostrate on the couch, are you ready for an experience of this caliber?

Be prepared that BCN Critical XXL has arrived to alter the natural order of things, Break the patterns!

Mango Sapphire is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. The aroma produced by these buds is fresh and uplifting, often described by users as a combination of tropical citrus, sour herbs, and a bit of musty earth.

Mango Sapphire produces a potent body high sure to relax even the most stressed among us. Not long after your first few hits, you’ll experience an uplifting and creative head high that will have you focused and attentive.

Thankfully, this focus lasts long enough to get back to a comfy place and put on your favorite show before the body high kicks in. This effect rapidly becomes sedative, leaving most users in a blissful state of comfort that is nigh-impossible to break out of.


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